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13th Hour: Chaos by Richard Doetsch is the 2nd Nick Quinn thriller. Wow, what a plot. At first, it was hard to follow and the story started at the end and ended up with the beginning. A plot to assassinate the President of the US, other Presidents, and other important people from around the world a peacekeeping mission if you will between the countries.Nick Quinn becomes the holder of an ancient watch, there are two and the other one is in the hands of an unsavory individual, intent on harm. This watch is not only ancient, but it also has the ability to put the person with the watch to go back in time.It starts at 5PM on July 4th. There is a party that Nick and most importantly his wife Julia are hosting for a Senator who has aspirations of becoming President one day soon. By the end of the 5pm hour, the dam has been blown up and the whole town and buildings are flooded.At 6pm everything starts again and it is up to Nick and his friend Marcus to stop the danger, and protect the president and his wife Julia and Daughter. As the hours progress, he witnesses the death of his wife and child over again.Sound complicated? It is, but it was written in such a way that by the end of the book you grasp what has been going on, who the good guys and who the bad guys are. I found myself rooting for Nick throughout all the hours. He is a fun-loving guy who takes on danger in almost any form.As I said, I was kind of confused at the beginning as I had never read a book of this sort. I finished it in 3 nights and loved every minute of the book. I just hope that something like this never gets real as I can’t imagine the harm a watch like this could do to the world.For the uniqueness of the story, I give the book 5 stars and now I have to go and read the first book in the series. It is not a requirement as 13 Hour: Chaos is a stand-alone novel.