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Miranda Writes by Gail Ward Olmsted is a thrilling joy ride in the world of the law. Miranda is a disgraced assistant district attorney in a case of a rapist who gets off. The witness that Miranda never showed up as a witness in the trial. This blunder gets Miranda fired. The witness subsequently shows up three years later with a story to tell and what a story it is.Miranda has a blog-turned podcast that gives legal advice and is being optioned for a daytime tv show. She puts her new show in jeopardy wanting to do what is right by the witness and the witness’s son. She wants to do what she feels is right and defend this woman and other victims of this criminal. Does she want to put her job and live on the line? Damn straight she does.Miranda firmly believes what she is going to do to help the victims and put away a violent criminal takes precedence over her show. She still wants that so she has to manage both in a juggle that could backfire on her.I really liked this story, don’t let the cover fool you that is a from com, it isn’t. It is a twisty thriller at it’s best. I highly recommend this to be on your fall reading list!