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Fallout by Carrie Stuart Parks is about a young woman, Samantha Williams. While teaching a class at an elementary school in Washington state, an SUV comes crashing into the classroom. She gets the kids out safely but in the process, her car is wrecked, and her purse and keys are missing. She ultimately loses her job as her classroom is a mess.Sam has no friends to speak of and her parents are deceased so she is pretty much on her own. When talking to the authorities she finds that the driver Dr.Greer, the SUV was shot. The passenger, Dutch Van Setters, he holds a Ph.D. and is not too shabby to look at. He is employed at Clan Firinn, a retreat of sorts.  Because she has not place to go at the moment, she is invited to stay at Clan Firinn until she gets things sorted.There is a body unearthed at Alderman Acres, this is intended to be a new housing development but because of the body being found, development can not be completed. Because of her art education, Sam is asked to do a facial reconstruction on the skull. She accepts and is quickly drawn into the workings of Clan Firinn. Clan Firrin is a place for people to recover from various addictions where hope and rehab is offered.While Sam is there, strange things start happening around her she tries to find the truth of what happened to her parents. She was very young when they died and she was sent to live with an aunt.  As time goes on she finds that whatever is happening is connected to her parents.There is a nuclear plant not far from where she is, does this have anything to do with the threats that she starts to receive? A woman by the name of Mary is pregnant and hoping to find her partner who she hasn’t seen in a while. I was not so sure about Mary, there was just something not quite right about her. As Sam digs deeper, the more she finds out that has her wanting to learn more. BIts and pieces of the Cold War are found and how does this affect Sam?I enjoyed this novel, has a little bit of everything in it. History, romance, Cold War, scientists, and more. If this is your kind of book, then you must go get this one. A page-turner for sure! I give it 5 stars!